• Good morning Eva - thanks so much for sharing the images to all the discussions, providing us with both means - the videos and the images that arose in this webinar.  How wonderful an opportunity for us to be able to go back, revisit and reflect upon your thoughtful and inspired, this webinar series.  Much food for thought, time to individually digest and your open invitation to stay connected in this safe, small group space to share ongoing musings, digestion and the spirit moves us.  Blessings and thanks for the images utilized in these, your last 2 presentations.

    Each of us, will with no doubt, select the image[s] and content that most resonates within and surrounds our own personal journeys.  I am well on my way with mine and remain, humbled and grateful for all.  

    Have a fabulous day.  Peace + Love Linda


  • Dear Eva,

    Just sending you a blast of excitement until I can go into this a little more.  Have just looked though the slides, and there is so much to meditate on.  Would you be able to find the reference for the quote on slide 13?  I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you so much for all the material you have gathered and are sharing in this way.


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