A difficult topic, to be sure, but Bill McKibben who I know most for his book "The End of Nature" can take it on. Also, if you haven't read his new book he talks about here, "Eaarth"--you simply must. It's eye-opening.

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  • McKibben has been calling for mass boots on the ground protests as the only

    reasonable alternative to civil war for a number of years now, once it was clear

    that President Obama was actually what used to be called a conservative

    Republican masquerading as a so-called "progressive", with policy decisions

    characteristically far to the right of Dwight D. Eisenhower. So McKibben, and

    other leading activists have spent the past few years getting organized. Major

    actions began last week with the occupation of Wall Street by 5,000 protesters,

    in it for the long haul. Next week McKibben's 350.org protests kick off, including

    linked actions across the globe in over 150 countries like "100,000 Poets for Change"

    and similar non-violent resistance activities. If you haven't already tuned in, America's

    "Tahir Square" is starting. As a person of conscience, who cares about the kind of

    world we leave as a legacy to future generations, it's time to wake up and spread

    the collective news. History, as it did in the 60s with the civil rights and anti-war

    movements of that era, is once again knocking. Be there, or be square. We can no

    longer depend on so-called leaders to take care of the needs of humanity and the

    planet. It's time for each one of us to take some responsibility and do our part.


    You are all invited to join in the resistance however you can. On October 6, in just

    a few weeks, many leading activists -- including Rabbi Michael Lerner of the Network

    of Spiritual Progressives, journalist Chris Hedges, firebrand Glen Ford of the Black

    Agenda Report, FBI Bush Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds, former Congresswoman

    Cynthia McKinney, Dr. Cornel West, and CodePink (led by Jodi Evans and Medea

    Benjamin) and MANY others-- have pledged to occupy Washington D.C. for the

    foreseeable future in a collective action in what promises to become our times version

    of the March to Selma. Please join us, won't you, and spread the word.


    For more information, check out the website at "www.October2011.org" or on the

    "Stop the Machine!" page on Facebook.






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