Honoring the Numinous in Everyday Living

Based on an unusual and compelling dream, I recently performed a ritual wherein I declared into the ether that I want my intuitive skills to fully integrate and be expressed within my very rationally-anchored life as a businesswoman. Toward that aim, a small action I took was to begin memorizing poems that have heart for me. Two months ago I began doing this on my twice-daily walks with my dog.

Immediately, I noticed two things: 1) poems that wanted to be memorized seemed to pick me. That is, I would think I wanted to work on one poem, but the first line from another wouldn't leave my head until I switched. 2) the messages of the particular poems would be reflected in other areas of my life--poems and daily living seemed to merge. This simple act of memorizing poetry in the service of my declaration has vivified my daily experience and seems to be transforming me over time.

My bold declaration also ushered in new people, or new encounters with old friends. People are showing up unexpectedly, each drawing forth in some small way my non-rational self. A couple of days ago, I found myself at the website of a physicist--Ken Ferlic (Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity--ryuc.info). I cannot recall what took me to his site, or even what made me dial his phone number. But he answered the phone, and we have had two astonishing conversations that are clearly edifying to my aims.

This morning, still chewing on what exactly is unfolding in me, I looked up into the sky at the precise moment that the clouds formed the perfect letters: N O W. I confess, I had to look twice and then a third time, even as the clouds dissipated, to grok the magnitude of what I was seeing, so strong is my habit to discount sychronicities. I have no idea what is unfolding, but I am doing everything I can to be attentive to the magic that offers itself to a willing soul.

Won't you share similar moments that you are having?

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  • Hi Doreen - afterthought - how about a transitional sharing, linking the two sites and I will work on a piece to describe the goal, dream of the merger - my contibutions with your administrative leadership in the numinous background intact - together we can create a fusion vision with me doing most of the hands on work, but having remaining in the background and helm of the new adventure!  Peace + Love Linda

  • Hi Doreen - it just so happens I am all set up on my page, Photoooetic Megamomentaries Blog to welcome all members of the Numinous Group to join me there - this seems a natural and logical link.  After all, we all experience grief, as natural as long as we're breathing.

    Concerning being administrator of the "Numinous Group" you started - it would be hard for me to manage all I am into right now - lots, however, if we merge [unite, marry] your site and mine into one - that's durable for me for my senior years [as long as I am helpful] - the last leg of my service [keep my promises made in prayer in my depths to God is to stand firm, focus on lovingkindness regarding His Universe, Our Planet and inhabitants herein - when our paths cross - do good works, serve faithfully.

    I thank you for even considering me with such an awesome undertaking, sacred responsibility and do accept.  My wish is that maybe, perhaps if it is meant to be - that a group of us [whom I am establishing solid ground with] shall meet in person.  Highly unlikely for I no longer travel - too draining!  And I want to be a little selfish right now, simply life, experience the beauty  + joy [blessings] in my private space while I have some good health remaining before my last curtain call - final breath.

    So let us keep conversing and with you + Bonnie at hand - can we unite?

    What would be the new name - Numinous - Photopoetic Megamomentary Group?  too long??

    If you want to retain you and me retain mine, perhaps I can be introduced as you assistant, new member welcoming person...engage with them to find out there interests and hone them in to firmly established sites they may be interested in...

    Have a good sleep.  Peace + Love Linda


  • Hi Dorene - Thank you for sharing your recent daily experiences that are helping you be attentive to the simple acts that are assisting you in the transformation of your soulful self noted in “precise moments” of natural nature “synchronicities” resulting in “astonishing conversations.”

     I too have experienced several profound moments scattered throughout my lifespan which I called “rude awakenings.” They started appearing in 1983 and I continue to honour, hold and learn from the mysteries contained within these deep eruptions that catch me off guard.  I feel thrust backwards into my trauma vortex of accumulated and surreal NDE’s moments – a speechless and deeply animated space. 

     I now have a collection of heartfelt songs, images and poems that have helped me during my rude awakenings and understanding of my depth experiences and resulting transformation.   For the past 2 years, I submitted articles to my professional associations blog site, however, there was little feedback and I so wanted to transact with others.  So, articles is not the way…

     Out-of-the-blue, in February, I believe I was divinely led and spent 6 weeks hosting a Goggle+ global, private “Photopoetic Megamomentaries” – transactional, themes of grief experience.  I had no idea how to work this program in the communities I was lead to, however, the photographers were very gracious and engaging.  After I received my first month’s bill, and as I am a fixed seniors income, I was forced to shut it down.  This was my own personal celebration to honour my 50th anniversary of service in the helping professions.  What a surprisingly marvellous and joyful transactional virtual experience. 

     Now I know there are lots of wonderful people out there in global, virtual communities ready, willing and able to be spontaneously and engage in “photopoetic” precious moments - sharing heart and soul!  This Goggle+ experience got a life of it’s own – a megamomentary field – lots of followers, lots of hits - a playground in depth facilitated by the themes of grief which I shall fondly recall for the remainder of my days.  If I ever get “unlimited internet access” – I will re-open my Goggle+ account – a very fruitful adventure.

    I simultaneously started a blog site in DPA with the same name.  It crossed my mind to post this content in the numinous group, but I have not been able to sustain “lively” conversation with members in this group either – yet.  Anyways, I will leave my blog as a running “log” experience to mimic my Google+ in our DPA community.  There is little feedback…no transactional conversations…however, I will carry on bravely, keep attending some webinars and hope for future transactions - sharing of precious moments gleamed from our own depth experiences - will bless our community [fruit for the labor + efforts of our DPA founder + board].  Peace + Love Linda

    • Gosh, Linda, I am so moved by what you wrote here. Only today was I able to square away my technology issues with my Alliance profile so that I will be alerted when someone reaches out. I apologize that it seems that I've ignored your thoughtful notes.

      I completely understand your dilemma of "calling into a void." Everyone--even those of us committed to the ineffable--gets swept up with the mundane demands of life. I, too, feel isolated in my very real experience of the holographic universe in which multiple tracks of "reality" are unfolding concurrently. Sometimes, when I feel a little "off," I say that "The veil is thin today." That's my way of saying that my healthy boundaries are breaking down a little.

      My belief is that we are called to anchor in and navigate (and heal) this world in which the patriarchal myth is falling away. We do this by fearlessly facing and unpacking the personal complexes and wounds that we have been saddled with in this lifetime. As we exhibit the willingness to--without flinching--face our own lives, we actually vibrate at a frequency of courage and coherence that ripples out and implicates every living organism we encounter, think about, talk with, etc. While it feels more satisfying in our extroverted culture to place primary focus on activity that is visible to many, inner attention to our own inner leanings and and individuation is more powerful. All this to say, keep up the good work of sharing your poetic work and heart and soul!

      On that note, would you like to take over facilitation of the "Encountering the Numinous" Group? When I started it, there was lots of involvement, but I couldn't keep up my attention--welcoming new members, responding to the posts of others, etc. There is a challenge with the website in that once a person starts a group, Bonnie is unable to change the administrator. So, even though I stopped doing anything with Encountering the Numinous a few years ago, I am still listed as the administrator. I will help you if you like. My thought is that it seems to follow your basic interest, and it wouldn't cost you anything. The way that I stimulated activity was to start threads and actually invite new members to join. Or, I would identify other Alliance members whose posts elsewhere focused on the numinous, and I would ask them to join the group. People seem to respond when they receive a personal invitation. Also, whenever a person entered a post or started a thread in the group, I responded, but let them lead. I used my own posts sparingly, really trying to get others to weigh in. Stuff like that. You're good about appreciating other people's stuff, so I think you would be great, if you want to take it on.

  • Wow! Dorene: I think the clouds are spelling out "AMAZING" even as I read your post. This is timely and meaningful to me right now. On my end, I've had some similar experiences these past few weeks. Seems like something important is converging. Thank you for taking the time to share.
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