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Homeopathy and Depth Psychology could be considered a "vital partnership." This group is for sharing articles, books, meetings and personal experiences that relate to the integration of these important healing modalities.

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  • Interview with Divya Chhabra a leading homeopath in India who has a natural affinity to Depth Psychology.

  • Everyday Alchemy

    Homeopathy and Jungian Work: Including Homeopathic Medicines in the Psychotherapy Process For the Benefit of Our Patients

    Anita Josefa Barzman, M.D.

    Saturday, January 26

    9:30 AM to 1:30 PM

    At the Institute

    4 Continuing Education Credits for MD, PhD, MFT, LCSW, & RN

    CCH Credits are also available for this course through the Council for Homeopathic Certification. 

    Homeopathy is a medical art that is remarkably well suited for adjunctive use with depth psychotherapy.  Homeopathic remedies can penetrate into the psyche and catalyze change on the level of the psychoid, affecting mind, body, and spirit, with a capacity to gently promote deep healing that is categorically different from what we can expect from conventional psychotropic medications.  

    The notion of the psychoid is one of Jung’s innumerable contributions to our understanding of human experience.  The domain of the psychoid is the imponderable dimension of our experience where material and non- material reality, matter and spirit, interpenetrate and intertwine, where the archetypes reside, from which the complexes arise, and where the sequelae of trauma are woven into our psyches to lodge and persist. It is on this level of the organism that changes must occur for deep healing to unfold, and it is on this level that homeopathic remedies effect transformation in the organism.

    Homeopathy’s fundamental philosophy is deeply resonant with and supportive of core Jungian ideas, including the appreciation for the nonmaterial reality of the psyche; the deep interconnectedness among mind, body, and spirit; symbolic dimensions of experience; and the fundamental potential for wholeness within the individual.  Homeopathy strongly and gently supports the inner process of change on which our patients embark in psychotherapy, as well having the capacity to bring genuine healing to deep and severe suffering and symptoms. Prescriptions are made based on a nuanced understanding of the totality of a person’s experience, rather than considering individuals as an array of symptoms....


  • Have others come across this other great book – Dreams symbols and homeopathy: the archetypal dimensions to healing, by Jane Cicchetti?

  • Changing the Face of Health Care: The Tipping Point
    Henry Grayson Ph.D. interviews Joseph Pierce Farrell author of Manifesting Michelangelo
  • Hello Jane, I agree with you about how vital a partnership this is. I love Whitmont's work, and look forward to checking out your recommended reading. Thank you for setting up this group.
  • Hi Jane, It is so nice to see you promoting this alliance between depth psychology and homeopathy.
    With gratitude,
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