Teleseminar - problems registering

Hi Kathleen and Bonnie,

I have signed up for your teleseminar and paid, and have reciept - at the end of payment through paypal there was a button to continue registration which I clicked and then my computer crashed, so I can't get back to that point now. Where do I have to go to continue my registration? 

 I won't be at the teleseminar itself as its 1am here but I would like to be able to download the event afterwards... 

Please help :D  What do I need to do?

Thank you

Love and blessings


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  • just wanted to say thank you for the seminar and the wonderful story Kathleen and Bonnie - I wish I had been able to be there at the time and ask some questions. It was all very interesting... Thank you so much for all you have given me all month Kathleen too - it has been transformatory and a great learning in astrology for me. Good luck with your book.

    Thank you Bonnie for providing this excellent group and platform too.. much appreciated!



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