• For those who haven't heard it yet,  I would highly recommend Lance Owens' Fall and Spring 2011/2012 lecture series on the Red Book.  It begins in the middle of the page on this site (the first session called, " C.G. Jung: The Puzzle of Story and History"):

    The six and final session will be posted soon as it will be recorded on April 11 -- and the title of the session is called, "Jung and Aion: Jung's Vision of the Coming Age".  I'm looking forward to it.

    C.G. Jung and the Red Book
    A collection of in-depth audio lectures examining C. G. Jung and his Red Book - Liber Novus, present by Lance Owens MD.
    • I was just about to put my 2 cents in on Lance Owens, when I saw your post. I have really enjoyed these online lectures too. He also authored an interesting article in "The Gnostic," Issue 3 entitled: "Hermeneutics of Vision, C.G. Jung and Liber Novus" (2010 p 23-46). For anyone living in the Los Angeles area it might be worthwhile to check out Dr. Hoeller's schedule. He holds a regular, continuous lecture series on Friday nights at the small Gnostic church in Atwater, a surprisingly well kept secret, and was one of first people to dive into the Red Book in a very thorough way (see also Tamara Long's 3/27/2011 post).

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