Just came across a very interesting video by Jungian Rose F. Holt. In it, she discusses how Jung really wrestled with an inner critic during the writing of the Red Book--a scathing voice that really took him to task and with which he had to enter into relationship and establish boundaries (my words, not hers) so as not to be taken over by it. Its only 4.5 minutes long--You can watch it at http://stlouisan.com/2011/03/rose-holt-on-the-scrutinies-by-c-g-jung/

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  • In the 12 Steps of AA it says, "Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character." I've always objected that I am very fond of some of my character defects and would miss them if they were removed. I wonder if Jung would have felt the same way?
    • Hi Gary. Thanks for your interesting comment! It's made me think as well. You know the saying that most of us would never trade our troubles for someone else's? While I check myself on that on a regular basis--and usually agree that it's completely true--I have this fantasy that I'd really like to remove some of my personal challenges.

      However, I will say that when you look at it from a depth psych standpoint, it seems more and more obvious to me that the "only way out is through" and that we will never grow to point where we can fully take on our calling in life unless we are willing to take on the challenges (including complexes) that are placed in our path. Sidestepping them will not result in any character building or any growth or enlightenment.

      Just remind me of that tomorrow when I'm grumbling about how hard my life is... :)

  • Hello, I just started an on line Red Book class with Rose Holt. I need the ceu's and thought this would be a great way to force me to wrestle with this mystery. So, thank you for the link to the video. I see there are two discussions below. Are there assigned readings and exchanges posted somewhere but I am missing them? I know I haven't really participated.


    • HI Lilan. Are you asking if there are assigned readings associated with the video here? If so, no, I don't believe so--however, you could concurrently join the "Red Book Buffs" group here on the Alliance which does have some structure and targeted discussion. It might be a nice way to supplement your class with Rose Holt, and if you would be willing to also share some of the insights you get from the class in the group, it would be of great benefit to all, I'm sure.
  • Bonnie, Rose Holt's selection of Jung's inner dialogue and the images of Jung's Red Book posted behind her are great!

    Thank you for this find!  I esp. liked the part of Jung's interospection about how his "I" has grown in only a miniscule amount since the Middle Ages...that is, his "I" as a conditioned cultural consciousness as he lived it...  What an insight.

  • I can not tell you how good that made me feel, Bonnie. I chuckled loudly. That same scathing voice has been saying every single one of those things to me, plus a few others, and to know I am in such good company in my litany of self-perceived, unredeemable character "defects" is very reassuring. My Red Book should arrive today and I might just go straight to that part!
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