My heart goes out to the refugees who have been displaced from their homes because of the Fukushima nuclear plant. I recently heard interviews from people living in a school not that many miles away from the neighborhood and homes they suspect they will never, ever be able to return to...


From Masaru Emoto, Messenger of Water: "Let's send our thoughts of love and gratitude to all water in the nuclear plants in Fukushima" Though this scheduled event has passed, our thought are things. Don't underestimate your power to influence physical events. Details here


I hope each of you as conscious and caring members of the Alliance will take a moment to send goodwill and healing. We can truly make a difference as a community.


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  • Thank you for posting a call to send healing to Japan and the waters, soil air and sky around the nuclear disaster zones.

    For a poignant look at a newborn being monitored for radioactivity, and more info about the situation like

    "In contrast to iodine 131, which decays rapidly, cesium 137 persists in the environment for centuries. ....

    President Obama, in a letter to Emperor Akihito sent on March 24 and disclosed on Thursday, conveyed “the deep sympathy felt by all Americans for the suffering of the people of Japan.”

    “Our prayers are with you in this time of grief,” Mr. Obama added.

    see  AND

    • Julie: The image of the newborn being monitored for radioactivity is heartrending, rather burned into my brain like the vivid aftermath of an explosion--like so many others I can think of--not only images from the Japan tsunami but also images of oil-soaked birds from the Oil crisis in the Gulf, of the 5-year-old girl accused of witchcraft in Nigeria who was tortured and cast out of the village with no place to go, of the vocal image of the desperate pleas for "someone" to help of the doctor in Libya holed up in a hospital by Quadaffi's troops as the people inside slowly ran out of food and water.

      It's hard not to be in despair about all these things, particularly when the more conscious I feel I become, the more I allow the immanence of image to enter and affect me. Jung was dead on when he (and so many others) talk about the power and autonomy of image. These images absolutely enter us and work us. Meanwhile, they also trigger something in us that can be tremendously empowering and beautiful, numinous even.

      I find myself increasingly aware of and grateful for our capacity as humans for compassion and also that I am allowing myself to open more to it rather than defending against it as is my natural inclination (after all, opening like that can make us so vulnerable...). How else will we all survive what we (and I mean that collectively because we all have that capacity) are doing to each other and to the planet--even inadvertently?

      I just got Jeremy Rifkin's (very thick) book, The Empathic Civilization and am looking forward to immersing myself in it. For anyone who wants a short overview, this video posted here in the Alliance is wonderful and well-done:

      The Empathic Civilisation by Jeremy Rifkin
      Bestselling author, political adviser and social and ethical prophet Jeremy Rifkin investigates the evolution of empathy and the profound ways that i…
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