Hi Steven. Welcome to the group. It's wonderful to hear about your writing and your experience. I wish I had met Don Sandner. I've heard so many amazing things about him, and his work definitely lives on. I, for one, would love to read whatever you're willing to share of your new essay. 

Just a note (for everyone): If you post under "Add a Discussion" (Look at the bottom of the initial posts on this page), people can respond via a thread AND you can post an attachment. You will see a small icon that looks like a paper clip (like most email has) at the top of the box above where you can choose font, size, bold, etc. That's probably the best way to share.

I hope everyone feels free to share their writing, or even articles of interest that you find elsewhere.


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  • Hi Bonnie,

    I had the good fortune of working with Donald F. Sandner from October of 1984 until his death on Easter Sunday, 1997.  As you know, Don was a living link between analytical psychology and shamanism.  It is out of this lineage that I have endeavored--with a lot of the members of other this group I see--to clarify the notion of the shamanic archetype in my various writings on the subject. I found the "Discussions" you've posted in this Group, and I see a similarity of interests in one of your postings between the shamanic instinct/archetype and the Self, in Jung's writings. Very well put in that pithy post! My essay on Don is published, as I said, in the SFJILJ and I happen to have a few extra copies of the Journal and would be happy to send one via snail mail if I know where to send. I'm going to try to upload the file to read my paper "C. G. Jung's Approach to Shamanism" and see if it works. And I'll also go through more of your exciting "Discussions" to see what I've missed. Such a joy to have found this Group. Thanks again,


    Analytical Psychology and Shamanism.doc

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