The title remains a starter to the notion that it is through the inferior function of the patient/client where insight can be forthcoming. A second point is that the primary notion of psych' Types can be both simplified and expanded to include archetypal identities as well as each type having objectives within their primary function. Thirdly: there is a critical path of decision making that can be both found, recognised and once understood, can offer insight into dis function according to where this critical path is fractured. All of the above are still in various stages of development based upon 20 years of clinical practice with psychiatric patients. If there is interest in the above I have developed these observations and methods of application which are not yet 'academic' but rather elaborations and clinical applications of Jung's writings.

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  • Aleksander,
    Strange you call yourself an 'illiterate amateur' unbecoming I suggest. An interested enquirer perhaps. It matters not if this heuristic device goes no further. It worries me not. See which I set up in 2008. Many people have told me they would have gone on to kill themselves if I had not helped them. Failure is when you don't try. My remaining task is to pass on what has become apparent from clinical practice. Not blowing my trumpet but rather the last bugle call. There are a few more concepts to leave on this site before the Reaper calls, but he don't play fair, so maybe I might do so.
    One dark night away from madness
    One step away from a cripple
    And one breath away from death. -Mise
    So on that encouraging diddly i too will go into ponder mode.
    All the best.
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  • The following comment contains my understanding of the mechanism of the collective unconscious. There should be in every sentence “in my opinion” or “it seems to me”, but it would be very boring to write and read.

    While the process of decision making described as Expectation, Fact, Responsibility, and Consequence makes sense, the real sequence is circular, a feedback loop ( with Expectation as input, Fact as controller, Consequence as output, and Responsibility as feedback. Even though this temporal sequence differs from Expectation, Fact, Responsibility, and Consequence, they aren’t in contradiction since Consequence (being controlled and corrected back and forth) is the final stage. Also, in a self-aware system input (Expectation, intuition) comes “out of nowhere” within a mind containing a model of itself inside the environment and doing its best to align with the future (some kind of cause from the future or someone conscious starting a machine).

    If homeland is a projection of archetypal mother (Anima), a fuzzy and mysterious (intuitive) link between a man and the other side, what is going on within the feminine psyche? I’m risking to be ridiculed for this one, but according to some studies (such as this one: only homosexual men find men-only pornography sexy. Regardless of gender and sexual orientation, other people find heterosexual and lesbian porno films more interesting – like there needs to be at least one woman being touched and cuddled. It seems that intuition is the entrance to the other side of imagination and fantasy (a place where mother-like Anima dwells) for men and touchy-feely situations are the entrance for women. Intuition and senses are sources of information from the outside (or some strange place), food for thoughts and emotions.

    If this comment makes sense to you, feel free to do with it whatever you want.

    • Aleksandar,

      Your commentary is extensive and at times complementary and also  some are not applicable.

      Do remember the purpose of my paper is for the practitioner to grasp the important role the  inferior function plays on the part of their client. and how best to bring about the necessary temporary readjustment when there is serious malfunction. All my clinical observations in this regard are based upon Jung's psychological Types. The Therapist identifies the presenting problem and thus is able to focus their therapy to compensating the undeveloped 4th function of the client. The intent is to bring about the necessary temporary readjustment for the client (commonly called healing).

      The outer expression of the four functions do include the feminine energies expressed in the male and the feminine energies expressed in the female, but I am not addressing cross gender issues per se, but rather how the four psychological functions have their role in the outcome of a decision and more apt HOW the lack of any one, two or three of these functions in decision making manifest.

      Your commentary is indeed extensive but some are somewhat irrelevant but valid in its own right. Embracing gender change fore instance creates both internal and external tension for any person. People facing cross gender issues often suffer from increased anxiety which derive both negative projections and prejudice and from some members of the pubic, but also from internal conflict of masculine and feminine energies within the within the individual.  in the case of cross gender a presenting problem may revolve around how the individual comers to terms or accepts the two types masculine feminine energies within themselves. This  internal transformation is key to the outcome.

      Your comment on 'the mechanism of the collective unconscious' has little to do with ones own opinion or what any individual what would 'seem' it is. The term is Jungian and so too its definition.. I assume the reader herein to be familiar with same. Its correct application is essential for the understanding of the use of Father, mother, son, daughter in context. Its about the energies within each of these archetypal roles when applied to the heuristic device of Psychological Types Jung developed. 

      I cannot offer explanations for all the above you present, as there are variations of emphasis and different manifestations to each presenting problem by individuals in therapy. The understanding  of the individual presenting problem includes understanding based upon what type the person is and therefore what their inferior function is. This is the essence of what I have written and what is on offer to the reader.


    • Just one more comment and after that I’ll be back to this discussion topic only if someone explicitly insists.

      The problem with my article I’ve mentioned earlier is that no one needs it. I don’t need it because I feel it as a foreign body. The central idea behind it came to me one morning 11 years ago without any expectation and preparation (I am interested in it more than anyone else because for no particular reason I was the “receiver”). Also, it would be too risky to try to build a career around it (an expert in a no man’s land), especially if NO ONE wants to properly review that article (I am, as nobody in academic circles, an easy target for being ridiculed as an illiterate amateur). So, other people might respond to you (J.D. Stephen) that they don’t have time to seriously consider your approach. It just happens each time you observe something from a slightly different angle. You will either be left there alone or meet someone very weird.

      Perhaps Ed will add (just read that part of the sentence aloud) something new to this discussion.

    • be a bit delayed in responding as there are a number of clinically suicidal cases to work with right now.. Christmas time is a peak period for same as it happens to coincide with statutory bodies holiday..mmmmm...  at a time we are all supposed to be 'Happy'. perhaps HAppy is ananomatopoeia..sure just a thought. better to settle for content-ment..

  • Speaking of “male intuition” – Men and women deserve equal opportunities, but an average man differs from an average woman: physically stronger, taller, and more likely to be “different”. A man is more likely to be involved in some kind of action, with or without intuition and understanding. Is the most stupid or (self-)destructive person you’ve ever met male or female? Is the most brilliant or creative person you’ve ever met male or female? Even if men were discouraged and women encouraged to be unique individuals, we would wait for awhile for female Darwin, Copernicus (a male paradigm shifter is known for questioning the status quo and risking to be killed by other men), or world wars started by women. That’s why there seems to be “male intuition” and with which I disagree. An average female person in my opinion seems to be more intuitive (stable, mature, balanced, capable to move across layers of awareness) than an average male person. A male extraordinary person focused on intellect is known for being a clumsy “nerd”. Men are dyslexic and autistic. Men are better at noticing details (, even though they are worse at recalling them (a man is more likely to notice dirty socks on the floor, but less likely to understand them in a broader context).
    This is what I see when we discuss about male versus female intuition:
    • Hi Aleksandar,

      The above are interesting differences and highlight the masculine and feminine expression of intuition.  To discuss further these differences would detract from the singular point of my proposal which remains rather narrow and irrespective of the gender, idiosyncratic preference, or social norm because within any action the track it takes to bring a decision about from conception (Intuition) to formulising this (Thinking ) to evaluating  or accessing worth-(Feeling) and on to the outcome- result- (Sensation) will be the same no matter what 'differences' between male an female manifestation/expression of the four Types. My singular point here is that there is an underlying pattern or path that all decision making has to follow. The destructive or malfunction of outcome depends on where the fracture is prevalent.

      This 'critical path' of decision making, once broken or rather fractured within society (collective), within a community setting, family setting and perhaps more significantly, within an individual, then some form of malfunction/fracture occurs which can be identified and pin pointed.

      Here is an example of a fracture that separates the Sensation/Feeling from the Intuition/Thinking, but the fracture could isolate any Function from the remaining three. 

      (In relation to the  individual where there is a split within the psyche.) For example social delinquent acts are masculine in nature- not 'male' per se- so that the Intuition decides to act and the support masculine function of Thinking supports the action on how to implement it. But the fracture of cost+ worth (Feeling Function)  or of consequence- outcome- (Sensation Function) are unable to play their essential rolls. So for instance: The notion of stealing a car is decided initially through Intuition and with the help of the Thinking Function it becomes fact, but the value or cost is not taken into account nor the outcome of the act considered. 

      Consider the opposite scenario: An individual suffering from the same fracture who is a psychological type of the feminine Sensation/Feeling then the ability to think through the necessary course of action or to consider where help can be obtained is overwhelmed with the sensation of LOSS and questions of WHY. So when a person understands why, it still happened! taking on the responsibility of other's actions would be indicative of this fracture. ie Guilt or Shame  

    • Speaking of that father-son idea of yours: perhaps it’s more like mother-son (Oedipal situation, Anima, a “strong” man having a “strong” woman behind him) and that half keeps its “masculine” characteristic. It’s complicated to deal with such a scheme, but it still seems to be real. Individual exemplars and situations may differ (for instance homosexual individuals, an individual woman taller than an individual man), but there seems to be a pattern on average.

      Once more on intuition: Regardless of gender, nowadays intuition tends to be ignored as a relevant source of knowledge, especially if one relies much on intuition (a diary of dreams, decision-making for a lifetime without complete understanding of what is going on, spirituality without proof). In my opinion such developments of events would be unlikely in patriarchy if men appreciated their intuition more than women. Also:

  • I've added here a few comments: I wrote a year ago a paper that will, as it seems, never be properly reviewed. It seemed to me there is actually enough material for more papers, but I've just received one review (the second one will never be written) claiming that I am an idiot and terrible person. Why four psychological types? Why four Aristotle's causes? Why four types of psychical interaction? Why four of these: ?

    A multi-causal approach to synchronicity
    A Multi-causal Approach to Synchronicity is the title of an online article written by Zachary Stinson, in which he argues against Jung, Robert Aziz…
    • The WHY bit can only be justified as an aid to understanding and has in reality not much more merit.  I will try to read up on some of your leads. Seems out of place to conclude a person is what others seemed to have called you because you ask Why and make other possible alternate comparisons/suggestions thus bringing into question the premise. Emotional threats I guess. But Sure, they don't know YOU! rather there is a hurt feeling that remains immature perhaps. 

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