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San Diego, CA

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I can not explain the draw to Depth Psychology unless it has to do with getting closer to the effect of connecting to the word Archytype and finding out what does this actually represent and does any one actually know or is it lost to the Greeks. I think Jung got close and his bravery for exposing subjects out side the Psychology absolute box conditioning, perhaps his ghost is calling. I am not interested in intellectualizing, only true and valid and honest experience. I write, publish and continue to write as I show myself the gigantic avenue and avenues available to myself and to share with others which I see you are also doing. Historically speaking: During the 1960's, a new wave of thought, Humanistic Psychology was born. I was involved in this process particularly in Gestalt which led to being a leader in Group therapy from Encounter Group to Gestalt and Sensitiviy Training. With many years of investment in this awareness psyche of the 1960's I have written and published a version of experiencial awareness as it happened rather than a how to book. I continue to do this through an Auto Biography of growing up in San Francisco and the result of writing as a form of actual awareness. Learning the gift of words, connection and a host of openings available to anyone.

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  • Greetings Patricia and welcome to the online depth psychology community. It's great you've found us! And, welcome to another San Diego member. I am sitting in Lestat's on Park Ave. right now as I write this welcome! 

    As you may know, we currently have over 3200 members from all over the world. I hope as you explore the community a bit you find a dynamic group of like-minded people who are all deeply drawn by the field of depth psychology. While there are many Jungian analysts and clinical psychologists here, our members come from many walks of life--artists, writers, doctors, healing professionals, counselors, students, business people, etc--so there is much cross-disciplinary knowledge and experience here to be shared.

    We recommend that to get started, you personalize your profile photo by going to your "My page" and rolling your cursor over the default C.G. Jung image. This gives you the option to switch it to a person picture. As well, there are many opportunities to engage as you browse the site. When you're ready to jump in, please feel free to post a topic for discussion in the forum, respond to another member's post, or share a link to an article or web site you like. 

    Here are a few quick links to front page items that may be of interest to you. The Multimedia Library contains talks, videos and articles that may be of interest to you. The Depth Insights e-zine has articles, poetry, and images from past issues. And, then we have the Events page which contains calls for papers, upcoming conferences, and workshops. If you are wanting or needing a push with your writing, Board Member Donna May has free daily writing prompts that you might find helpful.

    You can also weigh in on the weekly depth discussions by clicking the image and quote at the top of the home page. And here's a link to help you navigate the site for your convenience.

    Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing you around the community.


    Jesse Masterson, M.S., M.A., M.Div., and

    Doctoral Candidate in Depth Psychology: Community Psychology, Liberation Psychology, and EcoPsychology

    Depth Psychology Alliance Board Member

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