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Los Angeles

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Transpersonal Psych

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MD from Northwestern Medical School, 3 year psychiatric residency, thirty years in the practice of holistic psychiatry.

Are you a licensed or clinical therapist?

retired after 30 years in 2000

Please share a little about yourself by way of introduction. What draws you to Depth Psychology and what are you looking for from this community?

I have been interested in Depth Psychology since the 1970's when, through the use of "Sacred Medicines" I discovered that consensual reality was not all that there was. I determined over the decades since that the road to transcendance led through the moment, and that human kind was kept from realizing this by the automatic acceptance of unconscious agendas. Though no longer in healthcare, I am still a brother on the path.

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  • HI Bob,

    Welcome to Depth Psychology Alliance! It is wonderful to see you here or for that matter, anywhere. When are you coming to S.C. to visit?

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