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Whether you already have a lecture, class, or course of your own in mind or are looking for new ways to share your work, online events are a great way to reach a broad audience. What's more, you can record your offering and share it again and again. 

If you're looking for ideas on what you can do for an event, consider the following:

DIALOGUE Offerings: Run a Reading Circle for a book you love, or if you are an author, host a Book Club for your own book. Or if you are passionate about bringing a depth perspective to a given topic or theme, host an online panel or "community conversation". You (or a panel of your choice) can present for a few minutes, then invite others to turn on their cameras and microphones for spontaneous or guided conversation on the topic. These are just a few ideas for conducting online conversations on important depth topics.

EXPLORE Offerings: Offer online educational lectures, presentations, webinars, courses, and webinar series that allow people to learn.

EXPERIENCE Offerings: Lead an online group in dreamwork, active imagination, writing, art, storytelling, or another experiential depth process or method of your choice. We highly recommend you have experience or trainingin group dynamics to make these kinds of offerings.

POLLINATE Offerings: Help others extend depth psychology in the world through offerings to help them find their calling, develop core skills, build their business, write for publication, or access the unconscious to gain direction and to grow, among others.

At Depth Psychology Alliance, we try to empower our members to be self-sufficient, because the “back end” of the Alliance is run by volunteers. If you would like help with any aspect of producing your events, following are some services that might be of help.

The fees associated with these offerings are set to cover our out-of-pocket costs to maintain online platforms, webinar or teleseminar services, software licenses, and other expenses associated with keeping the Alliance up and running, and to offer a small token to the people who are making it happen:

  • Graphic Design Support: If you would like to include graphics, you may email Alliance member and skilled graphics artist, Dara Hopp. Dara is a freelancer and negotiates her own pricing. She has been a wonderful and affordable resource for the Alliance on many occasions.
  • Event Posting Help: If you need help posting an event, you may email Kelly Kunzler, an Alliance member who manages many of the Alliance web processes. Kelly will post events on the Alliance for $20 using your own profile and password so that the posting will show up as coming from your profile, and any responses will also come to you directly via email. We have worked with Kelly for years, and he knows the Alliance well and is efficient and trustworthy.
  • Event Video/Audio Platform: If you do not have your own video or audio webinar or teleseminar platform by which to deliver your event, the Alliance can provide it. An upfront fee of $75 covers our costs to setup, schedule and provide the video/audio platform for one event, which you can then run yourself if you are familiar with the platform. The upfront fee to use our platform for 2 or more events in a series is $100. If you are not familiar with the platform, we can direct you to an experienced engineer. (See next). Email us now if you would like Depth Alliance to provide the online platform for your webinar or teleseminar.
  • Program Facilitation Help: If you need an experienced engineer to help you run the event, to field questions or comments from participants during the live event, or to monitor/troubleshoot audio or video issues, you may email Alliance tech guru, Jeremy Murray, who is a help-desk and software engineer by trade. His rates for Alliance members are between $50-$60 per event. Jeremy has been a lifesaver for new presenters, or when there is a big audience, as he knows the Alliance well and can help screen questions and moderate depth topics.
  • Paid Registration Support: If you would like help with setting your event up for paid registration, Email us now for to indicate your interest in paid registration setup and registrant management.
  • Marketing and Promotion: See the other two tabs under the ADVERTISE link above. There are several free do-it-yourself options to get the word to the community, or we offer paid packages that spread the word to both Alliance members and the greater depth psychology community.
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