The Tree at Newgrange

The Tree at Newgrange
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  • Hi Eva - musing with my albums and I was wondering if you could help with a title for this image.  I saw your "Megalithic Passage" words and my were "Tree at the Gate."  As this is your photo, I am unable to edit and was wondering if you would consider a title?  Thanks Linda

  • Just notice my Freudian slip "upside down umbrella" when I meant to scribe "open umbrella"...or is it?  Only God knows how I, as newborn felt as a left footling breech....

  • Thanks Eva it does speak deeply to me for I was in awe when I first saw a similar tree [smaller version] that looked like an upside down umbrella or miniature weeping willow on campus @ Gonzaga University, Spokane Washington.  It was different, caught my eye and captured my attention.  I was so excited and pleased with my find and sketch. The initial interpretation began, "Your tree is dead"...     

  • This is a photo that I took at Newgrange last month, Linda. Please use if it speaks to you. With blessings
  • Good morning Eva - I hope you are OK if I borrow this tree image you shared - here- for I have not found my Draw-A-Tree that I drew in 1990 - it's hiding.  The tree I drew had great shape and form, similar to this tree but was smaller with the barren branches looking like a minature weeping willow.  I  do not know what kind of tree it was.

    Thanks so much...Peace + Love Linda

  • The Megalithic Passage Tomb at Newgrange was built about 3200 BC. This tree stands at the gateway to this site.

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