Dream Painting by Irene Champernowne

I am very proud to announce that I have secured the free digital release of "A Memoir of Toni Wolff" by Irene Champernowne. This work features paintings of dream images by an English therapist in the 1950's depiciting female figures in association with images of swirled grain and UFOs that are reminiscent of Crop Circles, and the symbolism seems to point to the possibility of a renewal of the feminine generally. Toni Wolff was Irene analyst and C.G. Jung both saw and comment on the images in the publication. Emma Jung said of them “your pictures have impressed me very deeply indeed; I feel there is something extremely important and valuable [in them].” The San Francisco Jung Institute has graciously agreed to make this publication available to download in pdf format at no cost. To see the rest of the images go to www.JungAndCropCircles.net or www.facebook.com/JungAndCropCircles To download "A Memoir of Toni Wolff" go to: http://www.sfjung.org/about/other_institute_publications.asp
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