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  • Hello Aleksandar, 

    You can use this glyph/map/mandala as a meditation tool if you are drawn to do so. It is meaningful as a metaphor for the chakra system and depicts the heavenly bodies and for our purposes; Jung's psychology. It is an ancient symbol. The most comprehensive body of knowledge about it can be found in the mystical Hebrew texts known as Kabbalah. If you are drawn to research it, there is a wealth of information available on it on the Internet and in sacred texts to which it leads. It is one of many such glyphs that may be used on one's journey toward wholeness and understanding on our unique individual and collective place in the Universe. However, it may be one that is useful to you or there may be another that you find yourself more drawn towards. Perhaps, as you say lies in the receiver which is ourselves. :-)

  • Thanks for the help Eva

  • The Tree of Life is a map of Cosmos, Psyche and Matter...

  • Hello Alexsandar,

    I apologize for the confusion, as Linda mentions here, this image of the Tree of Life was posted in response to the request of a group member of "Jung, Alchemy and the Tree of Life". This is a 4 week online seminar and it available to members who are registered for it. I may have posted in the long place here and therefore it is out of context for you.

  • Alexsandar…June 3, 2015 - Pictorial Treasures Across the Ages of Interest for Studies Into Depth:

    Gist of Introduction to readers of Signs, Signets + Symbols:

    ”Self- expression…one of man’s most persistent attributes…studied in detail by anthropologists,    

    psychologists and historians…to trace man’s evolution as an artist + designer through the use of signs,   seals and symbols he has left in his record…Many were destroyed post-war…the lost heraldic signs + devices in Austria, Hungary, Poland and West Prussia; religious and ecclesiastical symbols of Eastern churches in Bulgaria, Rumania, Bessarabia and the Ukraine; Hebrew cabala; signs + symbols of the Huns, Avars, Tartars, Mameluks, Saracens and other early invaders of Europe who superimposed their own rites, superstitions, rubics and sigils on the people “indigenous” to the lands they conquered…Ernest Lehner [1950, vii].

    As this text has 1350 illustrations from across the times, around the globe…is there something you are particularly interested that I could scan for you from this text that might satisfy the hard science[s] of your mind? 

    I notice you are not registered for the group, however, interested in dialogue about contents discussed within the group…a member of “outlaw psych” on the outside…wanting to be on the inside scope, without belonging to the small group…a kind-of, contemporary 1970’s Johnathon Livingston Seagull, your are to me …Peace + Love Linda

  • Good afternoon Aleksandar - awe yes, schematic representations of a conglomerate plus column groupings of colours, signs, seals + signets...and according to Ernest Lehner from the simplest drawings of heavenly bodies, through the intricate heraldic devices of the middle ages to modern cattle brands, trade marks and hobo signs...of immense value to novice and the world's foremost experts in the field of graphic arts which I, Linda was introduced to in Grade 7 art classes, plus inherited from my deceased brother, a copy of Lerner's - Symbols, Signs + Signets - A Pictorial Treasury with over 1350 Illustrations [1950], which remains an excellent resource today and a glimpse into the mind-sets of our ancestors.  

    Do you have any pictorial treasures from you roots that you post too?  

    Peace + Love Linda 

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