This image is helping to connect me with my NDE's - out-of-body...I feel the words...perhaps a poem may come....
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  • Hi Alexsandar - I’m grateful for your comment… we reconnect once again.  I waited for one day of real life experiences and one night dream state before responding to you.  This is what came to me…the sister of premature twins @ 34 weeks died in utero…little “Nora’s” family would have been grateful if she could have had a NDE!

     Your wish of “keeping that NDE for that last moment” is not something I can even relate to…an old  pre-NDE mental scape of ego fear non-existent across my life span due to my repeat NDE’s that began @ birth…I was more fortunate that little Nora.  I remain speechless, but am trying to utilize photos that capture moments representative of my encounters with the numinous that continue to bless + enrich my life beyond belief.…  
    Not sure why you say “thank you very much” to me, but today - getting back to the photo - I can share that a poem did come…not from me, but from the movie “The Grey” which I just watched.  Maybe you have seen or perhaps you could watch it and then, with the mythical animal and main characters closing words…in mind…we might be able to converse some more????  Peace + love Linda
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