Many years ago I sat on a stool in the Art barn at Esalen Institute painting a paper mache mask. I’d originally signed up for some sort of contemplative workshop, but found it too cerebral and ended up here.

I painted the mask magenta and then decided to paint a vine of flowers on the side. As I slowly drew a long vine down the side of my mask–getting into the feeling sense of the vine’s graceful, elegant beauty–I found my hand being moved by something Greater than myself.

I was no longer directing my hand, Something Else was. Something was moving me, brushing the paint on this mask.

We humans set goals for our lives and make all kinds of goals, plans, and schedules. We trudge along, continuing to believe we’re solely in charge of our destinies.

While all the while… Something Else urgently wants to move and express through us.

Don’t waste your precious time and resources on anything less.

I’m launching a 5-week experiential adventure for entrepreneurs this coming Friday. While the focus will be for those who know they’re being called to be ambassadors of a mission larger than themselves, you are all welcome. If you simply want to shift out of overwhelm, depression and confusion and live your fullest life, please join us.

We’re going to let Source Energy nurture, strengthen, empower, shift, surprise and move us.

You can live anywhere in the world and participate. Calls will be recorded for those who can’t make it live. Details below.

Shift into Your Fullest Creative Potential

5-Week Summer Seminar for Visionary Entrepreneurs

Fridays June 29 – July 27 

10 am – 11:30 am PDT (1 – 2:30 pm EDT)

$269, includes recorded sessions and an individual Doorway session with Kim


For those with a calling to do depth-oriented work, the path is rarely linear. Your soul’s gift is unique—- there are no pre-existing models or “6 Easy Steps” for how to get it out there. The process of developing and launching it is a sacred journey and those of us who take this journey are pioneers, creating our path as we go.

  • See the synergy between what the world needs and what you are here to give
  • Tap into potent creative energies to launch and expand your soul calling
  • See inner resources & possibilities that wouldn’t be revealed any other ways
  • Get clear about your mission…take actions focused and on fire

During each group session we’ll enter into Source Energy and activate its power, allowing it to vibrationally shift us. You’ll receive great clarity and insight on whatever you’re addressing.

Week 1: Connecting to Source Energy

Week 2: Growing a Form Nourishing of What You Want to Create

Week 3: Clarity, Language & Direction

Week 4: Money & Abundance: Making it, Enjoying it

Week 5: Sharing Your Voice & Your Work, Marketing

Let’s bring Something bigger than ourselves into form.


“Not since Carlos Castenada’s books 40 years ago, have I had such a strong reaction. Kim’s work is pioneering.” ~ Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, New York Times bestselling author of Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience

“Your work is powerful and ‘the Door’ stays open...insights and shifts keep happening after the session ends.” ~ Diane P. Coffey, PhD

“I’m blown away with this work! I’m amazed at how easily the energies open up understanding and bypass my conscious mind.” ~ Marcia Atkin, MA, Artist

“I’ve been involved in Jungian therapies for 40 years and worked with many world-famous teachers. None of them were able to bring my soul’s images to me, as you did. You have a special and unique gift.” ~ Joan Green, Consultant to the Assisi Institute