A Practical Soul...

"I really need practical changes from my therapy," a new patient asserted. I affirmed that practical changes within depth therapy are inevitable. "We face what's dark, we face what's bad, then come to terms with what's healing and good. Practical change happens."

For the next three years he faced trauma demons from the past. He'd been badly abused as a child. The fact was that he'd also replicated this abuse in present day life. All this needed to be dealt with, worked through. Changes in relationships proved inevitable. Life changes happened. They were hard, painful but necessary. He commented, "I didn't count on so much change. But, it's all been helpful and good. I'm better."

We are practical souls. We desire creative change. Sometimes, our proverbial prayers are answered in abundance. We can get more change than we bargained for as we tend our inner life. 

C.G. Jung (CW 8, 262) wrote, "...William James, whose psychological vision and pragmatic philosophy have on more than one occasion been my guides. It was his far-ranging mind which made me realize that the horizons of human psychology widen into the immeasurable." William James, father of American depth psychology, inspires a practical outlook for practical souls-human psychology widening into the immeasurable.