A Ravenous Dragon

The soul is affected physically by choices we make and by the desires, the ones that keep us bound, and makes an imprint.  Many of our illnesses are brought on by the repressions,  called our Shadow by Carl Jung, which are the things we dislike about ourselves, or know that we have a potential for, but try to keep hidden within our psyche.  The soul records all of these things and causes us havoc if we do not come to terms with them.  Carl Jung once said speaking of ancient Greek Mythology:  "When Mount Olympus was torn down, the gods became diseases."  There was a time when we used these stories to understand life,  of course now, we are too sophisticated to believe this, but in fact many diseases are caused directly from sick souls.  Watch what you imprint into your unconscious for it might come back  as a ravenous dragon and bite.   Love one another with kindness and tolerance.

  This was designed for my facebook site and I realize that the contents are common knowledge among this group.  Please excuse the simplicity.