Anxiety and Depression, Future, Past, and Present

Anxiety is emotion that is oriented to the Future.

...anticipating events and undesirable consequences.



Anxiety is excitement with too little breath.

––Fritz Perls



Depression is oriented to the Past.

...remembering with remorse, regret, un-forgiveness.



Your Depression is caused by an inability to praise.

You are a thief and steal from God every moment.



Of course, we want to be be free of these states

as much as possible,

so as to be in the Present,

for only in the Present

are we empowered to choose and act.


Breathe, and breathe, again and again.

Find gratitude in the precious gift, the human form.

Come home in to the everlasting Present.



I can feel guilty about the past,

apprehensive about the future,

but only in the present can I act.

The ability to be in the present moment

is a major component of mental wellness.

 ––Abraham Maslow


I have realized that the past and future are real illusions,

that they exist in the present, which is what there is, and all there is. 

––Alan Watts



Live more and more in the Present,

which is ever beautiful and stretches away

beyond the limits of the past and the future.

––Meher Baba 


I remember the old man's advice,

"What you intend to do, do it now."

The past is over and done with.

The future never comes.

Millennia be damned!

There is only Now.

 ––June Singer



Flow with whatever is happening

and let your mind be free.

Stay centered by accepting

whatever you are doing.

This is the ultimate.

 –Chang Tzu



TODAY is a New Day.

Be Brave.

It is a Gift.

––Paulo Coelho


© 2011, Jeremiah Abrams,