Balancing the Masculine and Feminine

  Just a few words about the equality of men and women.  It upsets me about the way women are treated as if they are the lesser.  I think it started  back in the cave days:  I have big club, and if you don’t listen to me, I will club you and drag you into the cave by your hair.( humor intended)  The truth is that the women are more than equal, and  science has proved it by the way that the brain is wired.  She can multitask easily because of the connection of the hemispheres, which are more in quantity than in men.  The emotionality of women would be far better for the world than the so called strength of men.  It would help many if one would realize that we contain  both the masculine and the feminine within ourselves.  It is necessary to understand this and try to bring about a balance, which in turn, would stop some of the brutality.  I better stop here, but there is much more to this, and would require a book to explain.


Once again, I kept it simple for facebook readers, but thought I would share it with my sophisticated friends.  Things of this nature require lengthy explaination and many gradual steps.