Individual, Private + Secure Online + Phone Support for Critical Care Nurses  


MOT ©™ is pleased to announce the opening, registration and wait list for 12 nurses providing COVID-19 critical care during this pandemic.  

This 2 year service commitment with 3 month terms:

  • 2020 - May to July; August to Oct; Nov, Dec to Jan 2021
  • 2021 - Feb to April, May to July, Aug to Oct 
  • 2022 - Nov 2021 to Jan 2022  

Service Offerings: 3 month terms:

  • On-Call Individual 1:1 phone crisis debriefing, decompression
  • 24/7 Private, Secure Asynchronous Online Text Support
  • Assistance with self-regulation of stressors, building up internal + external resources
  • Acute, accumulative traumatic shock, trauma response, bereavement work 

Availability: Linda available 1000 to 2000 MT [except Thursdays day off]                                                                  

Note: If line keeps ringing, Linda in session and will return your call ASAP

         [registered phone number will show up on call display].

Nurses can request, negotiate for additional 3 month terms, PRN

Care for caregivers is essential service !  


* If anonymity required, participants can use an alias during phone and/or email posts.

Warmly with you in recovery + healing

MOT Director Special Project 

Linda AK Thompson, PhD 

Linda AK Thompson, PhD + Darlene B Viggiano, PhD