From Electronics To Jung

  In earlier years I designed and made several kinds of electronic brainwave devices to entrain the brain into slower frequencies for use in meditation.  At that time I developed a tens unit that would go into the gigahertz region between 54 and 74 gigahertz for Dr.C.Norman Shealy. This region of frequencies are the same as the DNA molecule and was tested for several healing and regenerative applications.  He still uses the device and many have benefited from it. 

  I finally put most of that aside in my search for understanding of the unconscious.  That really started my study of Jungian Psychology, along with Hermetism and Alchemy. The understanding of Jung's Individuation process was the answer.  This core of being called the Self is the answer that everyone needs to find.  The eternal spark of existence within our soul, and it was there all of the time.  Of course, the taming of the ego takes time, but the integration of the personality with the Self is worth the effort.  Just wanting to share a bit.