Having the Courage to Speak Up

9142466674?profile=originalI’ve always had trouble voicing things… speaking up for myself, calling out deception, and owning my own value and worth. When I was growing up, my mother would always tell me, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” I wasn’t sure that whatever I was thinking was nice, so I stuffed my thoughts and feelings.

Years ago, I heard a story about a Cesar Chavez farm worker meeting in the 1950s. The room was packed with men who were arguing loudly. And then an old woman who’d been sitting silently in the back of the room for the past hour, rose to speak. Apparently, you could hear a pin drop. I don’t remember now what she said, but I do remember how important her voice was. 

Her courage to stand up and speak changed the energy and direction of the entire conversation.

In a machismo culture, in a roomful of men, her voice had an impact.

Perhaps the reason that story has stayed with me is because I’ve had moments where I haven’t had the courage to speak.

I grew up in an ordinary middle class home in Iowa, my father was a farmer, and I attended public schools. Through a stroke of fate, I ended up being critically injured in a head-on collision in my 20s, received insurance money and wound up in the PhD program at the University of Chicago. Unlike myself, most of my fellow classmates came from wealthy families.

One day I was sitting in a huge conference auditorium where an educational policy was being discussed. It’s too much for me to go into the details of what made me so angry, but it had to do with the arrogance of privilege. A fellow graduate student waxing on about public schools, while he himself had never set foot inside a public school, nor would he ever send his children to public school.

I couldn’t believe the arrogance. I sat there steaming, yearning to stand up in front of all these people and call out the hypocrisy.

But I didn’t. I didn’t have the courage.

The upcoming teleclass that I'm offering on Depth Psychology Alliance is a redress.

I don’t know what you need to say to someone (…and perhaps you don’t either.) And what you need to say might not be so dramatic as standing up in a room packed with people. Perhaps it’s for your husband or mother, the community group you belong to, or voicing the value of your work in the world

We’re not always in a position to make a difference, but sometimes we are. And when that moment comes for you, I want you to be standing in your full value, worth, strength and integrity.

It’s about speaking with authority when we need to do that, but of course, it’s also about so many other things… 

  • Valuing ourselves and our work
  • Appropriate boundaries
  • Deep clarity and conviction
  • Self-confidence, self-esteem, and… 
  • Trusting yourself. 

Please join us. (The early bird rate ends August 22nd!).


Here's the event posting on the Alliance website: http://www.depthpsychologyalliance.com/events/speaking-up-claiming-your-voice-wisdom-amp-gifts-teleclass




If you’ve been muffling your deep truths and hiding your gifts… If you’ve suffered through moments of having a deep yearning to speak up, but timidity and low self-worth got the better of you… If you have something important to share, but find yourself mired in self-doubt and fear… If you find it hard to value yourself, your wisdom and your contributions… please join us.

This teleclass is about your voice, because you have a choice how you use it in this life.

Those who genuinely have something to share are often too afraid to speak up, but the worst betrayal is the betrayal of ourselves.

There are truths lying buried beneath the surface that can transform this world. There are creative solutions, powerful gifts and answers to our most pressing problems.

You have a sacred responsibility to give voice to what you know.

  • voice what’s been hidden
  • firmly own your worth and value
  • speak your truth with self-confidence, grace and ease
  • allow your voice be heard above the din

In this teleclass we will take an experiential journey into Source energy. As you enter this vibrantly alive energetic field, you’ll receive clarity, guidance, next steps and deep connection with your own inner knowing.

It’s time for you to fully own your gifts and stand in your innate courage, wisdom, bravery and power.

What you know matters. When you speak what you know, it matters even more.


Note: This is a tele-class, so you can live anywhere in the world and participate.

Early bird price:  $65 includes audios and a personal reading with Kim. ($75 after August 20th)

Group calls: Thursdays September 5th & September 12th.   10 am – 12 pm PST 


NOTE: If you can’t attend live, this event will be recorded. And all participants, whether you attend live or not, can receive a personal reading from Kim as part of the class.