9142463689?profile=originalJanet Bubar Rich became fascinated by horses in myth and legend when she was working on her Ph.D. in Mythological Studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute.

In her book, “Riding on Horses' Wings, Bubar Rich” explores how horses inspire soulful imagination, and investigates how historical and mythological love of horses has, in our technological age, become the love of high horse-powered vehicles.

In an era when anthropologists have referred to the past five or six decades as “The Great Acceleration” during which key human activities such as telecommunications, energy consumption, technology, and technology, including transportation, have sped up exponentially, Bubar Rich refers to her book as a “cautionary tale to pay attention to horse power and with it, the need to protect horses and all organic life, including plants, water, and human life.”

Bubar Rich has written two other books that focus on mythological themes, one which traces Guinevere’s story in the Arthurian legends and her role in finding our own authenticity; and the other about Hestia, goddess of the hearth, which focuses on finding ways to make sacred spaces for ourselves in the midst of modernity in order to find soulful refuge—to focus, center ourselves, and reconnect with our inner selves.

Listen to the audio interview or read a summary article, "Horses, Hestia and Guinevere: Mythological Perspectives for Everyday Life" at http://www.pacificapost.com/horses-hestia-and-guinevere-mythological-perspectives-for-everyday-life