Introducing myself

   Six weeks ago I had a truly trans formative experience.  Currently my primary career is as CPA. One afternoon I delivered tax returns to a client who is 85.  Her best friend of 60 plus years had just died after a long illness.

   We sat at her kitchen table and I explained the returns and showed her where to sign.  She then began telling me about her friend and their friendship.  At first my reaction was to pull in and I thought to myself "ohhhhh boy, how long am I going to have to sit here and listen to this?" But as I was sitting and listening, out of somewhere I knew she needed to tell me the story of her friendship and more than that I needed to listen.

   She told me things about her friend and their friendship which she said she had never told anyone else even her late husband.  After a little over and hour we both knew the story was complete.  I felt so close to her, I felt a spiritual connection to her and the universe I loved her and was flattered and beyond grateful that she had chosen me to share an important part of her life with.

   I resolved to honor that and to honor myself by expanding upon my capacity to be open, connected , loving and grateful, to have other people in my life who are too and to take the "message" to others who are seeking something more in their lives.

   In turn that brought me to the 04/15 program "Rebearths, Conversations with a World Ensouled which brought me here.  Even though I am a beginner I hope I can bring insight, love and support.


    As an aside one of the other subject I am interested in is how music and playing music effects one's being.  You might guess I am a bit of a musician.  I also have fairly musically gifted 9 year old godson whose family is in crisis.  He seems to find tremendous solace in music.  It seems to be a lot more than a simple distraction from the disintegration of his family.