Latter-day Shamans


Back in night school, in the mid '90s, while pursuing my BA, I took a writing class. The professor used the theme of nature for our writings, and I put together something for one week's assignment.  Among others, we read David Abram's 'The Spell of the Sensous.' The web was new and she had us post our writings. Please critique this in the sophomoric vein it was written in... ~ ~ Someday I'll go back and give it the effort it deserves. 
My extroverted day job deals with computers, if you look for me on LinkedIn you can see my background ~ However, on my introverted side, I have always kept one foot in the mythological/archetypal world, and hope to cross over to that life in the future.  I am considering attempting a PhD in Jungian and Archetypal Studies from Pacifica, but that wouldn't be for a few more years. In the meantime, a person needs a hobby. 

I have been attending seminars at The Assisi Institute in Brattleboro, Vermont. I graduated from their certificate program in Archetypal Pattern Analysis in 2008. Dr. Conforti runs a fascinating and dynamic program, with guest speakers from all walks of life. I recommend it without hesitation. I will be there this May...