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Well, this next week we can definitely say, the 60s are BACK

The first of 7 squares between revolutionary Uranus and transformer Pluto takes place on June 24th, Mid-Summer’s Day.  In the 60s, these two planets of evolution (Pluto) and revolution (Uranus) joined together to birth a new age.  Like a new Moon, a new cycle was started.  As you’ll see below, these planets’ cycle have kept us moving forward in our evolution throughout the ages – metaphorically and literally.  The 60s began a new era for these change-bringers, though, because for the first time in centuries, they began their cycle in an Earth sign, letting us know the time is right to bring all our bright ideals and humanity’s highest promise into manifestation.  The work we do now at this first quarter phase of their cycle can, over the next decades, give rise to that beautiful vision of the kingdom of heaven here on earth.  We can create a fair and just society where the world’s basic needs are met and survival doesn’t only belong to the fittest.  We have the know-how and we have the consciousness.  We just need the vision, the will and the compassion to do it.  Let the peaceful Revolution begin!


Life is moving forward swiftly now since last month’s eclipses and the Venus transit.  And it will rush through the rest of June and into July with all the cosmic changes in the air.  Jupiter moved into Gemini on June 11th, super-charging the Mind for the next year.  Summer Solstice in the North arrives on June 20th, the day after this new Moon.  Our dwarf planet Ceres, Goddess of the harvest, moves into Gemini on June 23rd, offering us a harvest of new fruitful paradigms (Gemini) through which to see our world.  June 24th brings on the energized square of Pluto and Uranus.  Saturn stations and turns direct on June 25th and Venus turns direct on June 27th. Mars finally leaves Virgo after 8 months and goes into Libra on July 3rd, urging us to get our acts together so we can be centered with others in the coming years.


Whew!  Don’t bother to try to control things now. The only thing to do is go with the flow and discover what life is asking of you.


Second New Moon in Gemini – flipping the cycle


This is a special new Moon in many ways.  Coming before all the cosmic rush, it will certainly be the container of all these energies, and as it moves through the zodiac this month, it will disperse the energies throughout your chart.  If you know your birth chart, pay attention this month to when the Moon aspects one or more of your natal planets.   This will tell you when the new energies are being planted in your psyche.   And ask for a dream.  It might inform you of how you’re integrating these cosmic energies – or not!


This new Moon is opposed to the Galactic Center at 27* Sagittarius, bringing in a larger galactic consciousness – time to grow up if we want to become free citizens of our world.  It is also conjunct one of the brightest stars in the heavens – Betelgeuse is the shoulder star in the constellation of Orion the Hunter.  In ancient times, Betelgeuse was believed to bestow martial honour, advancement and wealth.  With the Sun, one of its gifts is an interest in and ability for psychic and mystical subjects. So turn your minds to the great unknown!  With the Moon, it enhances the Mind, the Will, and Rebellion and can bestow great Power.  This great power is sourced in the Cosmos and we can use it for a peaceful revolution if we stay conscious.  So use the higher powers of perception to strengthen your will and your mind and stand up for Truth.


There’s something different about the new Moon.  Perhaps you’ve noticed.  This new Moon is the 2nd new Moon in Gemini, who loves to double things up.  This new Moon marks a change in the rhythms of the soli-lunar cycle until July-August 2013.  Instead of a new Moon in a Sun sign coming before the full Moon in its opposite sign, the cycle will now have the full Moon opposition before the new Moon.  After this Gemini new Moon, we’ll have a Capricorn/Cancer full Moon on July 3rd and a Cancer new Moon on July 18-19th

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