New Book Release

Do we feel loved by the images held in a tradition? The essence of soul, hidden in any tradition, can become a source of imaginal strength. James Hillman claims imaginal love is: “this feeling of being loved by the images …”

In her new memoir, Reimagining Christmas:  Discoveries of a Christmas Self, Laura Keller-Wolff extends this quality—harnessed first in working with dreams—into the quality of imaginal love present within the traditions of Christmas.  Hillman states that: “…when we love we want to explore, to discriminate more and more widely, to extend the intricacy that intensifies intimacy.”

In discovering the intricacies of what Keller-Wolff claims as her “Christmas Self,” the widely and wildly held intimacies in the magic of Christmas are exposed as a kind of imaginal love.

Sometimes, resting in a tradition releases it’s wild and tender soul. In the pages of her new book, Keller-Wolff invites the reader to intensify their own intimacy with heart-felt traditions—especially with the soul of Christmas.