Permaculture and the Bios Factory (A Transition Buckle) New Myth 24 by Willi Paul,


The Cascadia Tribal Council began transforming the broke and broken rural prison system into the Permaculture Bios System soon after WA, OR and NorCal left the United States for independence.

The leaders designed a way to not simply let all of the inmates go free but to offer them a valuable transition and survival course as a re-entry into the post-carbon landscape. Cascadia choose rural prisons first because urban jails did not have the land required to teach permaculture and grow food forests.

Henry James Robinson was one of thousands trapped in this multi-state prison trap. He was convicted and sentenced to 3 years in the Shutter Creek Correctional Institution near North Bend, OR for growing and selling marijuana that he cultivated in the near-by Eliot State Forest.


All of the necessary infrastructure is already in each prison:

• large fully equipped kitchen
• laundry
• sleeping quarters
• dining hall
• play area
• lounges
• library
• roads
• barb wire as internal forms for cob furniture and ovens
• land for food production and research
• space to install solar panels and biodigesters
• security against raiders


Mr. Robinson tends the fields in the morning and attends classes in the afternoon. Interns and PDC designers work in the new Green Union with the x- cons. He is learning about food, self and reaps barter from their local market day.

Forgiveness, heart, work… transmutation. Transition.


Care for the Community.