Scrying and introspection

Currently researching more esoteric forms of looking directly into the self.

Historically, the Pagan method of Jungian analysis was with scrying and divination - utilising archetypal symbols such as the chalice, water and darkness. Throughout mythology, in particular Celtic, truth and knowledge (and not merely the future) are divined through these intensely feminine mediums. It is of note that in more recent times, in J.R.R Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, the most powerful stone of far-seeing and divination is what appears to be a magically activated Obsidian sphere: the Palantir.

The two forms I am practically researching are the scrying bowl, a dark bowl filled with water, which one may reflect upon themselves whilst gazing within, and secondly a dark mirror. These tools of introspection were less difficult than time-consuming to find.

The actual idea is to see how, if at all, the use of these symbolic implements assists in the connection of the submerged emotions to the conscious emotional mind and its reactions to the everyday trauma and joy of life. Especially in regards to the two emotions of love and fear - which I hypothesise as master emotions.