Seeking Collaboration

Greetings to the Community of DPA.

I find myself in a near frenzy, searching for a way to tenderly release it into the open. 


I'm an Artisan, an all around creative, and have finally come to peace with myself, giving my full attention to the messages of my dreams. I've documented them for 11 years, and haven't paid much attention to them until this year.

What I've found throughout a handful of entries, is an underlying current of similarity - there's a distinct message within them, and it's something to be shared. 


I initially sought to apply for the 2013 TEDPrize, seeing as it would provide me with the resources I need to accomplish this task [Funding and PEOPLE]. As I began gathering the information for the application, I've come to realize that this project is a lot larger than myself - more so than I initially assumed. After having been in contact with the music composers that are to be involved with this project, I've come to realize that I need more time...and the 'right' people to work with,


Thoroughly, and Attentively. Nationally and Internationally...

In order to execute this message within dreams, I need to engage a large community: dancers/movers, those in the field of creative expression [creative expression therapists], those in the field of psychology [most notably Jungian], those that have studied mythology [most notably Joseph Campbell's work], music composers, director's and producers [theater], screenplays [for stage], writer's [those that are experienced in memoir and fiction writing], those expereinced with holographic technology, photographers, videographers, and those most familiar with the business aspect of the world.

Would any of you have any insights or suggestions on how I can begin assembling such a team?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.