SSU Graduation Evening

Hi All,

Just wanted you to know that 6 students graduated from the Depth Program last nite at SSU. The event was held in the new music building which was the perfect venu. It is gorgorous with an outdoor area that includes a hugh firepit with charcoal and an indoor area with a large fireplace. It reminded me of being in a vineyard.

Each of the students did a fantastic job of presenting their work and their process to arrive at last nite. And they all used some kind of video/powerpoint to present their work. Very impressive for someone like me who can barely use powerpoint! Many of them also included unbelievably touching and reveting artwork done over the two years also. Maybe some of them will post on this site. One of the graduates is a student of Taiko drumming and her teacher, herself and 2 others gave a performance at the conclusion which was resounding and empowering.

The room was really full so next year they will need to use a larger space, however, it was doable. I wish each of you had been there to witness this very special evening. I was so happy to have gone.