The Birth of a New Sun

Dear DPA friends,

Happy Winter Solstice - and happy beginning of the 14th Baktun of the Mayan calendar!

I'm posting the very best article I've found on the web about our much-misunderstood Mayan friends and today's auspicious date. 

Wise souls will know that the talk of the end of the world is misplaced; that what's actually happening is a birth:

'Within the Maya concept of time, what will happen on December 21 is not catastrophic. Everything said in the latter direction is only the malicious vulgarization, by a prevailing culture of fear, imposed and extended to a society in crisis, a fact which is completely opposite of the true meaning. Actually what will happen in our galaxy, in the framework of this concept, is what is known as the birth of a new sun...'

The article is here, courtesy of the unparalleled Aquarius Papers.

As Marion Woodman once asked: 'how many people experience Christmas as the coming of a new consciousness?' Seems to me the Mayans are right on time :)

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Image: Mayan fire dance ritual being performed in Mexico.