The Cascadia Funnel and the Last 3 Eras on Earth.New Myth 25 by Willi Paul,

“To our ancient ancestors, the end of the great cycle was for all intents and purposes, the end of time. Astronomers and sages throughout history could only dream of being alive at this time….” — Scott Lampman, writing in New Global Mythology Group

* * * * * * *

Verg Han has a perplexed look on his face as he returns to his sleepy daughter and their home made yurt from his regular community elders meeting. It wasn’t that “too many damn meetings” thing he usually flaps about. Tonight one of the permaculturist pass around a diagram that depicts the next three eras that humans and their planet face.

“Is it about the end of the world papa?” She already had a copy of the graphic that the elders discussed tonight.

“How’d you get it?” he sighed.

“Tanya slipped it through the floor.”

Relli was twitchy, like a fish out of water.

“No, not the end of the world, Honey, more like the beginning of a new one.”

Not the usual stories, poems or a new myth this tonight. This message reads more like a prediction. A foreshadowing with huge implications.

“We are already in the Transition Era, Relli. You know the struggles we have with water and maintaining food supplies. Not to mention the dark forces….



The elders see a “clearing time”, or the Chaos Era, ahead where the old world control structures with fight for control of diminishing resources. It is not clear if he Light Network will have to choose sides and enter this fight.

“What will happen to Cascadia?”

“We are just not sure. We are stronger as a region now and we know that our principles will guide us.”

Permaculture values, Dad?” And those from Transition and the new mythic elements, too.”

“Yes, remember those ideas from your class – transmutation and of integration — are key. “

“Write down your ideas and concerns on the three eras so your teacher can discuss them with you at school this week.”

“Care for the Planet, Pop.”

“And blessed are the People, Honey. Nite.”