The Cosmic Story: Leo Full Moon 2013

       The Capricorn New Moon was a time to plant the seed of personal destiny—what public role can we take on that expresses our personal values and interests?  What do we have to contribute to our culture, our community and our world?  The sign of Capricorn sets up the collective structures that serve our needs.  The energy of Capricorn sets up the rules by which we decide how to live our lives.  Capricorn is the cardinal Earth sign, the Earth sign that wants to create movement and change within society.  Since Pluto went into Capricorn in late 2008, we’ve discovered that there’s quite a bit of corruption and decay in our society that needs our attention—not only the government’s attention, but every citizen’s attention.  If we want to be free, we have a responsibility to do something about it.  We have to become aware and responsible citizens.


            After a New Moon, the Sun and Moon begin to separate.  The Sun continues its journey through the sign it occupies, while the Moon sets off on a journey through other signs as its light grows until it stands opposite the Sun at the next full Moon.  As it travels, the Moon connects to the other planets and distributes their energy for our use to fulfill the promise of the New Moon seed.  The first planet the Moon contacted after the Capricorn New Moon was Uranus in Aries, reminding us that our freedom is up to us.  That contact sets the tone for the Moon’s growth.  Its message: Grow into your true identity.  Throughout these last two weeks, the Moon made contact with all the planets, bringing all parts of our cosmic instructions into play.   

            And during the waxing of the Moon from new to full, some of the other planets have been making connections.  The results of these interactions are picked up by the Moon as she sails by.  Venus, the planet of Love, connection, Wisdom and wholeness came into contact with 3 big astrological hitters. Venus and Uranus created some interesting fun moments, reminding us that innovation comes from the imagination and just being ourselves.  Then Venus joined with Pluto, bringing us face to face with our deepest desires and obsessions.  Hopefully, this conjunction gave us the insights we need to heal our old emotional wounds and get on with life.  Soon after that, Venus connected with Saturn, giving us the grounding we need to proceed with our plans.   Did you experience an awakening, a transformation and a renewal of your love energy these past two weeks? 

Venus is a big player in the Cosmic Story now.  Ever since her journey across the face of the Sun last June, we have been more aware of women’s issues than ever before.  My new book, Wisdom’s Daughters: How Women Can Change the World, explores how to access Wisdom as well as how we can reclaim our connection to Aphrodite/Venus, the goddess energy of feminine Wisdom.  Venus rules the heart chakra of love, connection and wisdom.  Venus transiting the face of the Sun gave us a visual of the new solar paradigm: the energy of Love and Wisdom is central to Life. With these important planetary connections coming after the Capricorn New Moon, the cosmos is instructing us to make space for women and feminine consciousness in policy making. 

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