On June 5th, there will be a cosmic event that you don’t want to miss.   The planet Venus travels across the face of the Sun.  (See link for viewing details)


The Cosmic Story  

Astrology is an art as well as a science, using metaphor as its language and cosmic law as its metaphysics.  Our solar system spins, drawing us into the center, together.   Each planet and asteroid circling the Sun energizes a force at play in the world.  Along with the force of gravity, all bodies in our solar system hold onto each other energetically and so affect each other.  That’s why the ancients named the planets after their gods and goddesses – their experience of the world acknowledged and accepted the connection between matter, the imagination and spirit.  And the connective energy of the Universe is symbolized by Venus, both the goddess and the planet.  It seems Love is the irresistible force that holds everything and everyone together.


Carl Jung thought that the ancient god/desses had become psychological complexes in modern man.  And he also believed that at the center of these complexes were archetypes, human behaviors that are inborn and instinctual.  To dream, to conceive, to engender, to birth, to protect, to love, to die.  These archetypal energies also express themselves on a cosmic level, joining our energies with the other inhabitants of Earth, with our solar system and with galaxies.   It seems the Universe lays out the basic conditions for life and for death, for stars and for humans, and gifts us with them, daring us to play along.1    


The planet Venus represents one of the universal archetypes, the archetype of Connection.  Under patriarchy, Venus energizes the realm of sexual love, beauty and companionship, the acceptable (to men) aspect of her energies.  But her deepest nature represents an essential archetype, the mystery of life expressed through Love and Wisdom, Connection and Wholeness.  

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