The Dionysian Apollonian Dichotomy

The spirit has at least two significant attributes. It is amaterial. Second, it gives order to chaos/matter. Dionysos represents a part of the amaterial aspect of the spirit. Apollo  represents some part of that aspect of spirit which enters the material realm and gives order to matter/materiality. These are two aspects of the same phenomenon. They are not opposite tendencies at war with each other, as Nietzsche maintained but distinctive and purposive aspects of the Spirit that ultimately act in concert. Nietzsche characterization of Dionysos is a chicken picked projection. And why wouldn't it be our classical scholars haven't even noticed never mind determined who Dionysos's first mother was. The riddle of the twice mothered thrice born archetype is barely if at all acknowledged in the classical literature. Unfortunately Nietzshe misdirected Jung in regard to Dionysos.

Therefore one can say he [Wotan, RR] is very similar to the Thracian Dionysos, the god of orgiastic enthusiasm(Jung, 1997 [1934], p. 196). - See more at:

In a quick search of google I saw wotan as being equatable to Zeus, Mercury, a war God. A mighty whack of projections huh? And Jung added another one when he said Wotan was similar to the Thracian Dionysos.