The Self

My morning thoughts took me to Carl Jung's process of "Individuation" and the similarities of many of the World's great thinkers and the various religions.  The process of finding the core of being seems to be in most of the basic themes, and immediately one realizes that their outward personality does not match this inner Self.  The process then starts diminishing the importance the of the ego and then works towards understanding the Self, or Center of Being, and in turn, starts bringing this to the surface of our personality, which is our main purpose in life in my opinion.  The religions usually refer to this core as the Spark of the Divine, and from there starts much controversy.  One viewpoint would think of this as our "fall" and that the heart center is lost and needs to be saved.  The other viewpoint is that conditioning creates the feeling of inadequacy and the need to search and seek for answers.  My viewpoint is that our heart center or true "Self" is perfect and eternal and is vital for our realization and path in life.