The Star of David and the Divine Feminine

Today sees a rare aspect that some astrologers are calling 'horoscope history': a Grand Sextile Merkaba six-pointed star pattern or Star of David.

According to, "the Moon trines Venus to complete a grand sextile with Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter and Pluto. This inscribed six-pointed star within the circle of the Zodiac is a pattern also known as a Star of David. It is understandably rare and magical, and it actually consists of two interlocking grand trines, in Earth and in Water. Within these graceful flowing aspects it holds great promise for healing and peaceful energy." explains it as 'a six-pointed star, or hexagram, comprised of seven planets that form harmonious angles (trines and sextiles) to each other. This synergistic seven are all in “feminine” (earth or water) signs, emphasizing stability, gentleness, love and harmony. Many astrologers view this as the moment our culture will take a step toward embracing “feminine” principles.'

Robert Wilkinson at the always-excellent advises: "All should clearly understand in fairly simple terms some part of the past that must be left behind to open the door to self-renewal."

Eric Francis of Planet Waves notes of the T-square in today's skies: "That T-square is as significant as the grand sextile - its message is ‘don’t take forever to do what you’re here to do. Time is of the essence’.

Astrologer Susan Miller who tweets @astrologyzone is keen to hear our experiences of the Grand Sextile - use the hashtag #July29 to tell her how it was for you. 

9142446082?profile=originalImage courtesy of Divine Feminine Reawakening Group.