Therapy in the Ether


Therapy through the Ether


I have spent all day alone in my office

Seeing people

The ping of the computer announces that the connection is made



All check out

The image appears, sometimes clear and sharp

Sometimes distorted.

Carried by whatever gods rule this realm,

The temenos is activated.


In ancient times,

The supplicant would prepare in a stone room by a water source

Filled with serpents

First, they wash and fast

Then sleep and wait for the dream to speak with the voice of the gods


The healer or priest, prophetess or seer

Also prepares- 

Cleansed and clothed in purity of mind, spirit and body

They wait for the god to reveal the dis-ease and the method for healing


It is no less simple today.

Gone are the serpents on the stone floor

Gone as well, the time it took to hear the voice of the gods.

Sometimes days would pass before they spoke.

But the slow and careful listening to the other,

The patient waiting for revelation

The training

The ongoing supervision

The awe and trembling before the voice of the gods

Is still here

Captured by the image on a screen

A relationship as old as humanity itself


Cave space or stone room

Consultation office or internet

We long to be seen, heard, and understood,

We wait to be oriented to our own particular destiny.


There have been times when the gods are antsy

The internet connection doesn’t hold

Then we move to another format and then another

Until, sometimes, from continent to continent

What is left is the phone -

Landline or cell-

The last resort in an age of digital technology


Whichever side of the screen we are on,

Whatever gods call us to confess our dreams and suffering,

We are engaged in an ancient ritual

Wearing modern dress.


The ping alerts me

The gods have spoken

I hear and obey.


March 24, 2015