Display in the Window of a Used BookstoreEvil Clown Looking Out of an Upstairs Window

A young woman posted a dream of hers to the internet, and I thought that it provided an interesting and provocative compliment to several of my images. What is depicted in the images above are sights that I happened to encounter while walking about Baltimore. Perhaps it is imagery like this that people chance to notice on the street  that is retained by their minds,  becoming  the raw material both for their dreams and for their nightmares. Below is the description that this person provided concerning their dream:

"OK..so in my dream when I open my eyes (they aren't really open but in the dream they are) I see a clown standing at the end of my bed...I try to run but he kinda like grabs me with no hands like some kind of magical hold because I can't move but I can still see his arms and he is in my face and he keeps pretending to bite me but never actually does (he had it seemed the teeth of a dog....they were very big and most were sharp). He like puts his open mouth to my skin with his teeth out or he licks his finger and then tries to bite me but always backs up and then I began to say NO! and I pray and say Lord help me (I told him I forbid you to haunt my dreams anymore in the name of Jesus Christ) and when I say the Lord's name his clown face seems human and it shakes kinda like in slow motion and the human face seems to be trying to escape the clowns body."