August 27, 2018 Culpepper Blog: War, Loss, and a Self-Directed Life: An Archetypal Study

In an earlier post on this site, “Projective Drawing and the PMAI: Helping Autistic Students Gain Greater Self-Knowledge”(January 23, 2018), I introduced a method of combining the House-Tree-Person drawing with the Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator as a way to assess and develop the five social-emotional core competencies with students. Readers of this blog are encouraged to review that post for more detailed information about this method and its application to students with autism. Recently, Dr. Carol S. Pearson asked me if I would like to share additional experiences of my work with students over the past year, an opportunity that I eagerly welcome. The case study remains my preferred mode of presentation, though I would like readers to know that in what follows, I offer an abbreviated account of the conversation with the student, with attention given to the archetypal stories at work in the student’s life. Also, the case study offered here is from a student at a traditional high school, and not a student in the Autism Transitional Program.

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