What is Depth Psychology?

What is YOUR definition of Depth Psychology???
Here's (the beginning of) mine:

Depthpsychology, a term first coined by Swiss psychiatrist, Eugene Bleuler, around the end of the 1800’s, has its beginnings in the work of Sigmund Freud and
another Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Gustav Jung, along with Pierre Janet
and William James. Depth Psychology explores the hidden or deeper parts
of human experience by seeing things in depth rather than taking them
apart. Certainly, it involves deep inquiry into the symbolic meaning of
things, of symptoms, images, and emotions that arise in one’s life,
influencing each of us regardless of whether we are aware of it or not
(Ellenberger, 1970). It includes aspects of Psychology, Philosophy,
Mythology, Anthropology, and Ecology and the way each of them
influences us as individuals. These fields affect how we relate to
ourselves, each other, and our culture, our species, and our planet as
well. Above all, Depth Psychology is a study of the Unconscious, that
which is outside of our awareness and which we unable to know directly.

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