What is Soul-Centered Coaching? (And...How to Work with Me for FREE!)


By Coach Kat, May31, 2022, copyright Bronwyn Katdaré 2022


Drawing from Jungian, Depth, Transpersonal, and Archetypal psychologies, as well as many wisdom traditions, Soul-Centered Coaching provides a robust experience for those wishing to expand their process of personal growth.


Different from other forms of coaching or psychotherapy, Soul-Centered Coaching is not driven by goals; rather, the sessions begin by using a technique from Transpersonal psychology called Open Awareness or a technique from Jungian psychology called Active Imagination. We typically engage these techniques early in the session and enter into a slightly relaxed state where we can be more open to new perspectives and insights. We then discuss what arises from that experience and apply it to your immediate situation using archetypal and shamanic perspectives.


Soul-Centered Coaching is based on the premise that your psyche is the ultimate inner healer – that your psyche can provide all the answers you need - so we often find that powerful symbols emerge that we can work with through dialogue, active imagination, dreamwork, creative visualization, ritual, etc. Soul-Centered Coaching sessions can be a good option to work through blockages, find inspiration, or integrate what comes up for you in other kinds of spiritual, depth psychological, or transpersonal work. Sessions uncover resources, shift limiting beliefs, and move beyond deep-rooted patterns in a gentle and safe way. It institutes new, creative, generative processes and allows deeper connection as you step fully onto your path of spiritual awakening.


Sessions may include but are not limited to: dreamwork; myth, symbol, and story; non-ordinary states of consciousness; alchemy; Shamanism; ecopsychology and nature; shadow and archetypal work; and more.


Bronwyn Katdaré is a certified Plant-Based Nutrition, Integrative Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Functional Medicine Health Coach as well as a Soul-Centered Coach. She is a Reiki practitioner, Shamanic healer and faculty for the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Akashic Records consultant, and a Kundalini Awakening Yoga teacher. She is also certified in mitigation of Electromagnetic Frequency Fields.


Bronwyn works with those who desire to untangle and free themselves from coping mechanisms, belief patterns, and illness triggered by adverse experiences and discharge wounded energy from the physical and energetic bodies. Bronwyn believes that physical or psychological symptoms have at leave one underlying root cause in the spiritual. Symptoms are a call to connect with Soul and to ask what needs or desires are being ignored or going unmet.


She is also a certified Dog Obedience trainer, Police K9 trainer and handler instructor, Explosives Detection K9 Team Handler, and Canine Athlete Specialist. She uses her healing abilities with the dogs she trains. (For more info on dog training, go to Katdare K9 Coaching).


Bronwyn earned a M.A. in Criminology, B.A. in Sociology/Criminal Justice, Certificate in Forensic Science and Law, and Certificate in Authentic Leadership. She also has training in Dynamic Energetic Healing, drum circle leadership, sound empowerment, and ancestral lineage healing.


On most days, Bronwyn can be found walking her two Shepherds in the woods, going for a mountaintop trail run, doing Pilates, and meditating. Her cats prefer indoor adventures with Bronwyn and can be found “helping her” make the bed, putting away groceries, and leaping onto high surfaces to dust.


Bronwyn is an actor, director, and writer who has appeared in theatre, film, web series, and commercials. She “hangs out” at the library (snagging a great weekend read) and parks, walking through neighborhoods looking at architecture, experimenting to see what grows in the garden and what does not, and imploring the “kitchen faeries” to cook dinner for her (they never do!).


For a very limited time starting in June 2022, Bronwyn will be offering several participants free sessions in Soul-Centered Coaching to help achieve her advanced certification. Participation information is as follows:

  • · Participation is first come, first served based on whether I think you are a good candidate for coaching (based on the consultation form). Open to anyone age 18+.
  • · 3 FREE sessions with the purchase of 3 sessions at the reduced rate of $75/session – OR – 5 FREE sessions with the purchase of 5 sessions at the reduced rate of $75/session.
  • · One session per week, lasting an hour per session, for the duration (either 6 or 10 total sessions). Otherwise, sessions will expire.
  • · All sessions must be pre-paid and there are no refunds. I am depending on these practicum hours to achieve my advanced certificate.
  • · Interested parties should immediately email me at coachkathealth@gmail.com, fill out and return the consultation form I email to you, and let me know your availability.

(More information and all services can be found at https://www.coachkathealth.com/).



Bronwyn helps women who are stressed out, burned out, and overwhelmed, and whose stress has turned into symptoms, reclaim peace, find calm in the chaos, and live from a relaxed and empowered state of being. Bronwyn works with mostly women who desire to untangle and free themselves from coping mechanisms, belief patterns, and physical illness triggered by adverse experiences and discharge wounded energy from the physical body and subtle energetic body. Clients learn to tune into their own intuition to optimize their health, wellness, and individuation process.

Bronwyn is an Integrative Holistic Health Coach and Soul-Centered Coach, Reiki Master, Shamanic Healer, Akashic Records Consultant, and Kundalini Awakening Yoga Teacher. She is also certified in mitigation of Electromagnetic Frequency Fields (EMF pollution).