Antarctica: Inner Journeys in the Outer World

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An aesthetic response to our global climate crisis. A visual, musical, poetic dream/reverie, which asks us to be still and invites us to sink deeply into our...

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  • hertzog's masterpiece. Check out the interview with Roger Ebert in special features. 

  • A good friend of mine is living in Antarctica right now, for the third time in his life. He says that the environment there is very sterile, free of the energy of spirits or other beings. The pictures he has sent me are beautiful. It is an amazing landscape, though I cannot imagine living in a place where, to go outside for even two minutes, one needs full survival gear. "Encounters at the End of the World" is an excellent documentary on the land and the eccentric, hardy folks who make their lives there.  (you have to watch a seconds-long video before you see the trailer)

  • Robert: This is a stunning video. The combination of images and music--along with your prolific and contemplative voiceover--creates a remarkable mood. I feel I have entered another dimension. I had the pleasure of seeing the whole thing at the ICC conference, The Aesthetic Nature of Change, last year, but am reminded that I need my own copy that I can experience it in my own space as well. Thanks for posting the info in the forum.
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