Carl Jung speaks about Death

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Carl Gustav Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist, influential thinker, and founder of analytical psychology. Here he speaks about Death and the Human Psyche.

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  • Hi Julie! Glad you were able to view AND comment on the video. It is pretty remarkable, isn't it? I had never heard him use that line specifically (though of course so much of his work alludes to it, and Meredith Sabini's book, The Earth has a Soul is such a wonderful collection of Jung's nature writings). I wonder if he used that line in his Collected Works specifically. Anyway, thanks for drawing attention to it and I will see if I can source a few more videos of his and post them soon....
  • Thank you for this GEM, Bonnie. How wonderful to see Dr. Jung so up close and talking about death. His last sentence here is "If you think along the lines of nature, then you think properly."
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