Cosmology, Ritual, and Ecology: A Message from the Kogi Indians

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Perhaps you’ve heard of a mysterious tribe of Native Indians who live high in the mountains of Colombia, speaking only their own original language, and having little contact with the outside world. These people, the Kogi Indians, have long referred to themselves as the “Elder Brothers,” as they carry the responsibility of being caretakers of the world, helping to maintain a balance of harmony and creativity in the world.In recent years, the Kogi have begun speaking out. They are deeply concerned that non-indigenous cultures living in the modern world, whom they call the "Younger Brothers", are harming the earth, and they want to share the message that we need to change our ways.The Kogi have a profound relationship with the Mother Earth, whom they call “Aluna.” reports Lisa Maroski, who had the remarkable opportunity to travel with a group to visit the Kogi in Columbia, to hear their message, and to see firsthand how they live and what they are asking from us...Read the full summary of Maroski's interview with Bonnie Bright, Ph.D., or download the audio podcast at

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