Creatively Mending Wounds in Ecological Crisis—Megan Hollingsworth & Bonnie Bright

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Megan Hollingsworth, M.S., joins Bonnie Bright to discuss Megan's work on  ex·tinc·tion wit·ness, a creative project aimed at ways of mending wounds and living well in light of chronic loss stemming from profound injustice. Megan shares how expressing the grief of we feel at severance helps us to remember our inherent union, and how seeing the nature of other animals aids in understanding our human nature. Megan Hollingsworth is founder and creative director at ex·tinc·tion wit·ness, a collaborative art project that honors chronic disenfranchised grief and celebrates regenerative collaborations inspired by unnecessary, devastating loss. Megan produces short poetic films and electronic posts that explore how other beings influence human potential and shape human story. Her writing exposes the roots of violent greed and encourages self-care and social responsibility during economic revolution and ecological transformation. Learn more at or at or Depth Insights™ is a media affiliate of

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